Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bertha’s Bakers Dozen ™: Questions for the Ages

     No matter your level of intelligence, you have burning questions you would like to ask God when you die.  We all do, whether we admit it or not, and I am certainly not excluded.  Well, Letterman has his ten; Bertha has her Bakers Dozen … and this time, it’s the Questions for the Ages list.  Whether your questions involve the mysteries of peanut butter or the deeper issues of dryer lint and call waiting, each question is valid.  So, here is my list of things I will never understand no matter how long I live:  

13) Why do we accept a level of work performance from our computers that we would NEVER accept from our vehicles?  How many times have I heard, “My computer crashed!” or “This computer is so slow today.” or “That stupid computer ate my entire file!”  Would this be even remotely acceptable from a car?  “My SUV crashed and left me on the side of the road for an hour.” or “My car is so slow today.  It took me 9 hours to get to work this morning.”  or “My car ate everything in the glove compartment!  Lip balm, sour balls, registration … GONE!”  I don’t think so. 
12) Why do the outspoken vegan patrons at my local pizza shop refuse to use a hairbrush?  They’ll wait an extra 20 minutes in their recycled tire shoes, fanny packs, and metal water bottles for a soy cheese pizza.  They’ll ignore the other patrons overtaken by the “scent” of useless lavender deodorant mixed with garlic and B.O.  Yet they’ll stomp their sun-freckled feet and demand that a new, clean pizza cutter be used on their pizza as they will not be purchasing any products contaminated with “the blood of our cloven-hoofed brethren sacrificed at the altar of dirty capitalistic consumerism”.  Yet, for some reason, the idea that hair can actually be smoothed from it’s frizzed-out, cotton candy state totally escapes them.  (I’ve come so close to telling some of them that lard makes a great conditioner.)
11) Why do we sniff the expired milk?  The date stamp on the carton fell somewhere between last Christmas and the Clinton administration.  It’s more like cottage cheese than it is actual milk.  It’s talking back and using profanity.  And yet we still feel the need to take a sniff before we heave and watch it slither its chunky self down the garbage disposal.  
10) Why does sitting on a toilet seat cause the phone to ring?  It happens every time.   
9) Why does someone always serve whatever is going to show up on my shirt?  If I am invited to someone’s home for a meal, the menu is psychically determined by what outfit I have chosen to wear.  If I choose a pastel blouse, the menu will involve red wine and something with dripping tomatoes.  If I wear a stunning ensemble in a slimming black, there will be sticky marshmallow fluff and white napkins with enough lint to keep New Jersey warm for the winter.  
8) Why doesn’t life have background music?  It would be so much easier to plan if I could have a little forewarning about what’s around the next corner.       
7) Why do I always get the booth behind the cat lovers?  I’m trying to eat a quiet lunch and I’m bombarded with over-enthusiastic giggles, a loud voice proudly proclaiming, “Fluff-Fluff left me a decapitated little mouse on my welcome mat this morning”, followed by a chorus of high-pitched “Awww!!!” around the table.  Blecchhhh.
6) Why do men lose weight faster than women?  When women want to lose weight, we can drink our body weight in water every day, walk at lunch, eat nothing fried, park far away from stores on purpose, and end up gaining 4 ounces while men just give up their bi-monthly breath mint and drop weight faster than Obama’s approval rating. 
5) Why do the doors on bathroom stalls open INWARD so that the door is a quarter-inch away from slamming into the front of the toilet?  Buttercup and I have perfected the “stall waltz”.  I help her with her buttons, she flushes, I smash myself against the wall to open the door, she dislodges herself from behind the toilet and leaps over the sanitary disposal on the wall, I partially close the door, she smashes herself against the wall, and then we emerge for a curtsy and a thorough hand washing.  It’s awesome really. 
4) Why do radio stations let locals voice their own commercials?  God love the entrepreneurial spirit, but there are good reasons media professionals exist.  When I was growing up, our town had a rather successful attorney who liked to perform in his own commercials despite an obvious speech impediment.  Every New Year, we were all privy to his commercials: “Pwease don’t dwink and dwive.  Call the waw office of Fwed Bwadwey and we’ll buy you a taxi wide home.”  Lovely gesture?  Yes.  Life-saving program?  Absolutely.  Voice for wadio?  Nope.

3) Why can I not eat at a restaurant without being stalked by a guy who honks his nose into a handkerchief like a foghorn?  I really think I’m cursed.  I’ll be mulling over the menu at the nicest restaurant in town, leisurely sipping my wine, and some wrinkled relic of human antiquity will pull out a handkerchief that came over on the Santa Maria and honk like a goose in heat.  There must be an invisible sign on my back that says, “I wish to be seated next to Admiral Sinusitis … no seriously, make my day.”     
2) Why do they make the wording on bumper stickers smaller than the print in the white pages?  I nearly rear-ended some guy trying to read his bumper sticker only to discover it said, “Meat-free since 2001.”   Grrrr. 
1) Why do people get so worked up over social media posts?  Her post was “We can tell much about a man by his treatment of animals.”  All I said was, “Especially by how long he leaves it on the grill and whether or not he uses defamatory steak sauce,” and she un-friended me.  Go figure.  
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  1. # 9 is my favorite and it is SO true!

  2. Definitely like #12! Lots of this kind of "material" here in "Obamaville"...wonder why they always order Kool-Aid with those Soy Pizzas...hmmmm.
    Bob W


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